What’s new in Art & Culture

April 9, 2021

Katie Roth – Director of Art & Culture: Gratitude offers an abundance of positivity. For our Club members showing gratitude provided an outlet to practice teamwork, problem solving and fearless creativity. After a wonderful week of Spring Break programming our members made thank you cards for some of the folks who gave their time for activities, such as screen printing, learning outdoors, planting seeds for the future and exploring large scale paintings at The Miller Art Museum. The process of making cards may sound simple or uncomplicated, however, the activity allowed the kids to show pride, care and appreciation for their community.Reflecting on Spring Break makes me ecstatic about what is to come in the development of Arts & Culture. We will soon be venturing into a short film project on Saturdays. With the help from some of the very best in our community that specialize in improv and video we will create a short film. Club members will learn how to write a script, set up a shot list, create a production timeline, act and direct in their own collaborative creation. 
Lastly, we are in the beginning phase to implement a Free Little Art Gallery. The concept is similar to a Free Little Library, but artwork will be the focus. With an open invitation to our generous art community, participants will drop off their work to be displayed. This will present an opportunity for our members to not only show their work and engage in the community, but also to think like a curator. They’ll make decisions on what to show as well as where and how the pieces in the gallery relate to one another. The work will be free for anyone to look at or take home with them to enjoy.