Welcome to 2021 and welcome to The New Boys & Girls Club!

April 9, 2021

What’s new you ask? Well, just about everything. New programming, new locations supporting all of Door County, new staff members, new partnerships, new Summer Camp (Camp LeVoy), and a new opportunity to be an even better club for our community kids than ever before. 
We got here by taking the opportunity during the pandemic to imagine what the best childhood would look like in Door County and what were the elements, experiences and resources every child should have access to in order to get the most out of growing up in this community and whether we were in line with the results. Turned out that we were in some areas and not in others. And in the end we came up with four areas that we wanted to inspire our kids to do: Learn, Create, Explore and Share. With those four inspirations we then built our new organization model, delivery models and programming around each by creating what we call our “4 Pillars”. To inspire our kids to learn, we created the Academic Success program. To inspire kids and to expose them to the opportunities to be creative, we established our Arts & Culture Academy. And in order to ensure that our community kids explore our rich natural resources, we created The OutDoor Club. And our 4th and most important program is our Community Table Project, which is focused on teaching kids how important it is to share and give back to a community that gives to them.
In this newsletter, and all that will follow, you’ll be meeting our staff, our members, our partners and supporters as they share their inspirations, passions and personal missions to make our community a better place for kids and their families regardless of their race, religion, or their socioeconomic status. We are all Door County.
So let me just say this, “welcome to the New Boys & Girls Club of Door County!”

John McMahonCEOThe New Boys & Girls Club of Door County