The Wilderness Awaits!

April 9, 2021

Matt Peter – Director of the OutDoor Club: The New Boys & Girls Club of Door County truly believes that nature provides the best classroom to teach, learn, and grow. There is no better place to explore nature than in our own beautiful natural areas. Access to and the exploration of the outdoors has incredibly powerful effects on critical thinking, problem solving, and mental and physical health. Understanding and employing these ideologies resulted in the creation of the OutDoor Club, a brand new set of programming aimed at providing year-round outdoor opportunities for all Door County youth. 
So far, we have engaged new youth from all over the county in hiking andexploring natural areas in Door County. As the weather begins to change, we plan on expanding OutDoor Club programming to include road biking, mountain biking, spring wildflower hikes, and paddling activities. Perhaps the most exciting opportunities will be available during our 11-week Camp LeVoy Summer Camp. Every week, Camp LeVoy participants will have the opportunity to participate in OutDoor activities ranging from water sports to botany to visiting ourconservation partners. 
As part of Camp LeVoy, we are piloting an OutDoor group that will be stationed out of Crossroads at Big Creek. This partnership will give our older Boys & Girls Club members the opportunity to spend ample time outside learning about our local ecosystems, assisting Crossroads in their restoration efforts, and enjoying the great outdoors!