These Club programs help develop physical fitness, reduce stress and promote a positive use of leisure time, appreciation for the environment and interpersonal skills. Each week our programs focus on team building, good sportsmanship and collaboration.

IMG_2833Activity and Movement through Play (AMP)

Grades 2nd-5th

AMP is an innovative wellness program designed by Door County Medical Center to help youth become physically active.  AMP is a collaborative program provided by Door County Medical Center and the Boys & Girls Club in conjunction with Bridges to Health.  Providing an opportunity for Children to be active while having fun and developing healthy habits.  AMP helps children build strong bones and muscles while decreasing the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.  With so much of our children’s time being spent sitting at a computer, playing video games or watching television, AMP provides an opportunity for movement.

collaborative-play-program-logoCollaborative Play

Grades 1st-5th – Year Round Programming

This club will be focusing on one of the key essentials to succeeding in life: working well with others. We will be highlighting what true sportsmanship looks and how our actions affect others. By playing non-traditional group games, members will hone their skills on strategy, communication, and teamwork.


Grades 1st-5th

Members will be dancing their way to fitness in this club! Do you have a member who isn’t too keen on traditional sports, but loves to run around and be active? Does your member like to groove and get silly? Then this is the perfect club for them! We will be projecting different dances on the wall for members to follow so we can wiggle our way to a healthy lifestyle.

TRIPLE PLAY: A Game Plan for Mind, Body and Soul

All Ages

Triple Play, BGCA’s first comprehensive health and wellness program, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, strives to improve the overall health of Club members ages 6-18 by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.

The Body component boosts Clubs’ traditional physical activities to a higher level by providing sports and fitness activities for all youth. Body programs include six Daily Fitness Challenges; teen Sports Clubs focused on leadership development, service and careers in athletics; and Triple Play Games Tournaments, inter-Club sectional tournaments that involve multiple team sports. The Soul component helps build positive relationships and cooperation among young people.