be there program Supportive Relationship Program

The Be There initiative supports Clubs in creating a high-quality Club experience for all youth by investing in building a safe, positive environment, establishing supportive relationships, and creating a sense of belonging. Be There is a comprehensive approach to help Clubs and BGCA-affiliated youth centers build supportive relationships and integrate best practices in supporting youth experiencing Bereavement and other Major Life Altering Losses. 

We not only want to help our youth process through their grief, but we also want to include resilience development as part of the long-term approach in preparing our youth to reach their full potential. 

COVID-19 has brought us all loss in some form (lost opportunities and relationships). BE THERE programming highlights how to process and respond to grief and loss on various levels to overcome trauma

ojjdp-logo Mentoring Program

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”  

At BGCDC we provide mentorship to all of our club members.  Encouraging academic success, modeling healthy lifestyles, and listening to our members’ needs.  Helping kids and families bridge the opportunity gaps and reach their full potential.
Every staff member is trained to be a mentor and to implement mentoring elements into our programs and interactions with the kids.