Social Emotional Learning Update

April 9, 2021

Sydney Tlachac – Director of Social Emotional Learning: During the past few months, our children have been participating in our bullying prevention program, Be A Star. This program takes a social and emotional learning approach to bullying by focusing on building the emotional intelligence of youth. By learning how to identify, understand, and effectively express their emotions, children learn alternative and safe ways to work through their feelings of aggression. Learning about emotional intelligence will help prevent our children from hitting, name-calling, or hurting others around them as a way to cope with their emotions. It will also help those being bullied or who are witnessing bullying develop skills needed to communicate their needs and assert themselves when necessary, manage their feelings, and find support. By participating in this program, children are encouraged to be their best selves by expressing and regulating their emotions in an effective way. Our children have been able to take part in building a culture of respect and kindness within our club.