May 21, 2021

A partnership of the *New* Boys and Girls Club of Door County

Sevastopol, WI, May 2021 — Only in a small town in Wisconsin would we hear of a partnership such as the one that was established this past winter as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and one school district’s remote learning needs. 

In late 2020, the Sevastopol School District was operating on a rotating schedule of in-person and remote learning where students attended school every other weekday. During this time, it was realized that many students needed access to additional support and resources on their remote learning days. The *New* Boys and Girls Club of Door County was a natural partner to fulfill this role. At a time when many other public spaces were unable to open their doors, a satellite learning resource center fully staffed by BGC educators was established in the ballroom of the Institute Saloon, located across the street from the school.

If you’re picturing students sitting in bar stools and eating fried food while doing their homework, think again! The Institute Saloon’s large outdoor area and the separate ballroom adjacent to the public bar served as the perfect venue to host this program. The partnership and generosity of Dennis Schartner and Kay Haen, owners of the Institute Saloon, was instrumental in providing this support for the community’s youth, and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for their community engagement.

The program allowed students who were not assigned to attend school in their classroom to spend their time at the learning center where they were supervised, had access to high-speed internet, and were provided with homework assistance from BGCDC staff. The center was supervised by Ms. Lexie Joly who is a Sevastopol alumni and currently a long-term substitute associate at the Sevastopol Middle School. 

Ms. Joly shared “Working side by side with a remarkable team, I am grateful for the opportunity to provide support both academically and emotionally for Sevastopol students and the community.”

Ultimately, by having this additional academic support available to students on a daily basis, it is believed that the district’s overall learning disruption that may have otherwise occurred has been significantly reduced. 

“Sevastopol School District is beyond thankful for our community partners who filled a need within our schools during the pandemic.  When communities continue to work together, the possibilities are endless!” said Melissa Marggraf, Director of Pupil Services.

Since the district has returned to daily in-person learning, the satellite location has pivoted to an afterschool program that offers homework assistance as well as recreation activities. 

An average of 25 students attended the program on any given school day from January through May, including full-day program offerings on in-service days and spring break. 

This public-private partnership is a great example of how the *New* Boys and Girls Club of Door County is working to intentionally address the specific needs of individual schools and communities throughout the Peninsula. 

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