THE-CLUB-TEEN-CNTRBoys & Girls Club of Door County is committed to providing outcome-driven programming in order to deepen, increase and expand our impact on the lives of the young people we serve. We are committed to programming that moves our members towards goals of Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles. We know that the impact increases when members participate frequently. We are committed to offering an exciting Club Experience that honors and advances the best traditions of the Club program.

We strive to provide members with:

  • Fun
  • Supportive Relationships
  • Recognition
  • Opportunities and Expectations
  • A Safe, Positive Environment

Teen Club Requirements

Our only requirement is membership registration. We are open to any youth, grade 6 through 9, who wishes to have a safe, caring and fun place to spend time after school.

Membership Cost

Membership is $36 per year. Teens may “try us out” 3 times as our guest without registration.

Homework Assistance

We know that evenings at home are busy. That’s why every evening starts with one hour devoted to homework completion and academic success. Even if homework has been completed, we use this quiet time for reading or academic skill building activities.

Club Time

A member favorite; an avenue to offer life enrichment, career building and character development opportunities. Every day, optional “Clubs” are offered. Members choose if they would like to participate in the activity or if they would just like to enjoy the game room activities. Examples of the Clubs that are offered: Art Club, Build-it Club, Science Club, Music Club, Sports Club, Sculpting Club and Duct Tape Club.

Teen opinion counts here! We actively seek teen input on what activities will be offered.

foosballGame Room

Our Game Room offers teens the chance to have fun, kick back and just relax with friends. They can play pool, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, board games, Wii or just hang out with friends. Our game room staff ensures that the environment remains positive, safe and fun.

teen-center5Good Character & Citizenship

We believe that being a Club member is a privilege, not a right. Good behavior and participation is required in order to stay and enjoy the Club. We believe that community involvement can never start too soon. Members identify community service projects they can participate in as a way for them to give back. Making good choices is something we stress, A LOT! Understanding the power of personal decision making builds character.

For more information, call us at (920) 818-1046