The Arts inspire our members to express themselves in creative ways. This emphasis at Boys & Girls Club encourages exploration of music, painting, theater, and 3 dimensional pieces. Members feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they progress.

guitar-lessons-w-salvation-army-program-logoGuitar Club

Grades 2nd-5th

In partnership with the Salvation Army of Door County, BGCDC received a grant providing Guitars and equipment for this program. In addition to this generous donation, Tom Mulinix has volunteered to teach our members.

Our goal is to teach kids to make music on a guitar. Club members will learn the concepts of music as they learn music. Most people know more about music than they may think. Our members will learn how to make a guitar sing so they can sing along with it.


Grades 6th-9th

ImageMakers is a year-round program that helps Club members ages 6-18 learn the art and science of photography through multiple categories: Culture and Tradition, Portraits, Nature and Surroundings, Fashion and Style, and Editing and Filter. Photographs are displayed at local and regional exhibits around the world


Ages 6th-9th

MusicMakers inspires young people to produce music, and to create their life’s soundtrack.

National Fine Arts Exhibit

Grades 6th-9th

This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 6 to 18 through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.

NationalPhotographyLogoDigital Photography-National Photography Program

Grades 6th-9th

The National Photography Program enables youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through the appreciation of photography

youth-singers-program-logoMusic Exploration / Youth Choir

Grades 2nd-6th

Our members get the special privilege of raising the roof of our club in song. If your child loves to sing, they belong in this club. Participating in concerts around the community, and acting as ambassadors for our club members these kids are singing dancing and having a ball. In order for our choir members to have the most success, we ask that they are able to participate in this club on the days specified and not be picked up until after rehearsal. Along with Performance our members are doing “Music Exploration” as well as having lots of fun!

Pinocchio’s Pals

2nd-6th Grade

Combining theatre and art, Pinocchio’s Pals is the perfect mash-up for our members to create a new world in the art room. Each activity provides an opportunity for members to imagine a puppet that represents themselves or a character that is as wild as they want it to be. Since there are no cookie-cutter designs to follow, members can freely use materials to build their puppet. Brown paper bags aren’t just for cold lunches!

uke-lessons-program-logoUkulele Club

Grades 2nd-9th

Covering the fundamentals of music theory and learning to play many songs on this whimsical instrument is our goal. Our members get to enjoy lessons lead by our Volunteer Mark Sherer, a former music teacher. Playing silly songs and developing musical ability – what a fun combination!