We are changing how kids and families think about eating by providing continuous nutrition education. From teaching cooking skills to “Reading for Health” with our UW-Extension partner, our members are learning to choose healthy options for their mind and bodies.

IMG_2833Activity and Movement through Play (AMP)

Grades 2nd-5th

AMP is an innovative wellness program designed by Door County Medical Center to help youth become physically active.  AMP is a collaborative program provided by Door County Medical Center and the Boys & Girls Club providing an opportunity for Children to be active while having fun and developing healthy habits.  AMP helps children build strong bones and muscles while decreasing the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.  With so much of our children’s time being spent sitting at a computer, playing video games or watching television, AMP provides an opportunity for movement.

build-your-own-parfaitAll About Food Club

Grades 2nd-5th

We will sample new foods and explore nutrition concepts through discussion, a learning activity and making of a sample snack together. Nutrition concepts explored include the five food groups and variety, healthier snack choices, breakfast importance, energy balance, hydration and drink choices and influence of the food environment. Examples of popular past sessions included muesli, fruit smoothies, veggie chips, flatbreads from around the world, mummy wraps, fruit pizza and fruit water.

debate-plate-program-logoDebate Plate

Grades 6th-9th

Students discuss and reflect on the factors and considerations that influence personal food choices; consider the impacts of food choices on personal well-being, the environment, and other people; and debate the questions, complications, and paradoxes associated with the what’s, how’s, and why’s of food choices. We will cook two recipes each lesson that will highlight and further add to the discussion.

run-program-iconFun and Run!!

Grades 6th-9th

Running from zombies, navigating a maze looking for keys to escape while avoiding the Crypt Keeper, solving riddles to get to the next room hoping that it will lead to the way out or, gathering up all the power ups so, you can turn the tables on the evil Grog! These games and more await all who dare attempt them and, at the end, we will evaluate and improve each game based on the members suggestions.