COVID-19 Club Response

June 18, 2020

“It’s amazing how the Club goes out of the way to put a smile on our kids’ faces. We got to be in our own parade! The food has been so helpful during this time. Simply put… activities that are safe & fun are important right now! And my son was thrilled to see his BGC teachers safely, he misses them! Thank you Boys & Girls Club for all that you do!” ~Club Parent

Emergency Food Relief

  • Formed DC Meals Cooperative with fellow community partners
  • Prepared over 750 meals per day
  • Served 8,716 snacks to members and children in need in our community
  • Served over 25, 130 meals to our members and community
  • Distributed 1,800 Weekend Meal Kits 
  • Hosted a Saturday Family Meal pick up

Academic Support At Home

  • Offered members Virtual Homework Help twice per week
  • Created YouTube channel enrichment videos for members
    • STEAM Activities
    • Science Projects
    • Art Projects
    • DIY Planting Tips
    • Sports Updates
    • And More!
  • Handed our 30 Club-To-Go activity kits that focus on our core values

Continued Club Connections

  • Made 171 phone calls to members
  • Held 3 “friendly faces” reverse parades for members & volunteers
  • Wished 36 members a Happy Birthday over the phone
  • Distributed 20 basic needs kits to community members