This program created by Boys & Girls Club of America helps youth aged 10 to 13 prepare for their future careers by offering a variety of activities to help grow member’s problem-solving skills and critical-thinking skills. CareerLaunch allows youth to explore different career possibilities based off their personal interests and determine what kind of post high school education is needed. 

snack shack

Our Door County Teen Center space is designed with a small corner kitchen the members use as a store/restaurant called the Snack Shack. The Snack Shack allows the members a chance to experience the process of acquiring a job utilizing some of the knowledge they learned from CareerLaunch. This program requires youth to fill out a job application, participate in an interview, and work shifts selling foods and drinks to other members. The goal is to make it feel as close to an actual job experience as possible by giving members different positions in the shop and having them clean and set up before and after shirts.

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