The Arts

The Arts

The Arts

The Arts

The Arts

Boys & Girls Clubs of Door County is committed to providing programs, experiences and initiatives that allow all youth to access imagination and creativity to express themselves and build connection with others in our community. 

The Arts: Programs

Repurposed Art:
Art is created by using recycled materials such as bottle caps, newspaper, water bottles, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, and so much more.

This painting club allows members to experiment with different types of painting techniques and mediums each week.

Picasso’s Pallet:
A new famous artist is introduced and learned about weekly, resulting in youth creating a piece in that artist’s style.

Photography Club:
Members learn how to use digital cameras, photography terminology, and get to use their imagination to take unique photos.

Sculpting club is all about creating 3D art using clay, tin foil, wood, plaster, etc.

Get Crafty:
This simple club for young members is all about making fun crafts for holidays and seasons to build fine motor skills and improve imagination.

Art Adventures:
This newer club utilizes materials found in nature to build interesting art pieces and explore the natural art that occurs right outside.

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The Arts

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