Our Club

Our programs and activities are built around our mission to inspire every kid in our community to learn through Academic Success, to create through our Arts & Music, to explore through our Outdoor Club, to share through our Community Table Project, and to strengthen their minds through our Social & Emotional Learning activities. By engaging in these programs and activities we believe every kid will grow up with a sense of community, compassion, and responsibility.

Academic Success

Academic Success is focused on STEM learning through Project and Experimental Based Learning.

Arts & Music

Our Arts & Music ensures that all Door County students have access to quality arts and music education programs.

Social & Emotional Learning

 Social and emotional learning is fundamental, not only to children’s social and emotional development, but also to their health, ethical development, citizenship, motivation to achieve, and academic learning.

The Community Table Project

The Community Table Project is focused on feeding our kids and engaging them in the concept of farm-to-table through field trips, gardening, beekeeping, farmers markets, and hands-on food-related activities.


CareerLaunch allows youth to explore different career possibilities based off their personal interests and determine what kind of post high school education is needed.

Camp LeVoy

Camp LeVoy is our all-day Summer program which incorporates our Academic, Arts & Music, Outdoor activities, and The Community Table Project into a full Summer of awesomeness.