Social Emotional Learning Update

Sydney Tlachac – Director of Social Emotional Learning: During the past few months, our children have been participating in our bullying prevention program, Be A Star. This program takes a social and emotional learning approach to bullying by focusing on building the emotional intelligence of youth. By learning how to identify, understand, and effectively express their emotions, children learn alternative and safe ways to work through their feelings of aggression. Learning about emotional intelligence will help prevent our children from hitting, name-calling, or hurting others around them as a way to cope with their emotions. It will also help those being bullied or who are witnessing bullying develop skills needed to communicate their needs and assert themselves when necessary, manage their feelings, and find support. By participating in this program, children are encouraged to be their best selves by expressing and regulating their emotions in an effective way. Our children have been able to take part in building a culture of respect and kindness within our club. 


Academic Success!

Natalie Dorrler – Director of Academic Success: Over the past year, it’s no secret that we’ve all had to reinvent the way we work and live in a “new” world. Businesses, nonprofits, schools, and families all needed to quickly pivot and reinvent their daily lives. It has been inspirational to see how adaptable and resilient our communities truly are. 
We acknowledge that in order to best serve our community, it is instrumental that we realign the way we provide support to meet the needs of those who need us most. 
Along with the spring thaw, a glimpse of “normal” seems to be coming in the near future. This year, the *New* Boys and Girls Club of Door County is focused on:

• strengthening community partnerships to leverage the impacts for students as a result of participation in the Club’s programs. 

• implementing reinvigorated and engaging programs that supplement classroom curriculum. 

•exploring new and innovative ways to evaluate and communicate academic success. 
As a supporter, a volunteer, partner, or member family you will be directly furthering the success of academics for youth within our community, and helping to create a long-term ripple effect of engaged and committed citizens throughout the Peninsula.
The staff and board are confident that the new energy and inspiration at the Club will result in undeniable positive changes and we look forward to sharing those stories with you along the journey.


What’s new in Art & Culture

Katie Roth – Director of Art & Culture: Gratitude offers an abundance of positivity. For our Club members showing gratitude provided an outlet to practice teamwork, problem solving and fearless creativity. After a wonderful week of Spring Break programming our members made thank you cards for some of the folks who gave their time for activities, such as screen printing, learning outdoors, planting seeds for the future and exploring large scale paintings at The Miller Art Museum. The process of making cards may sound simple or uncomplicated, however, the activity allowed the kids to show pride, care and appreciation for their community.Reflecting on Spring Break makes me ecstatic about what is to come in the development of Arts & Culture. We will soon be venturing into a short film project on Saturdays. With the help from some of the very best in our community that specialize in improv and video we will create a short film. Club members will learn how to write a script, set up a shot list, create a production timeline, act and direct in their own collaborative creation. 
Lastly, we are in the beginning phase to implement a Free Little Art Gallery. The concept is similar to a Free Little Library, but artwork will be the focus. With an open invitation to our generous art community, participants will drop off their work to be displayed. This will present an opportunity for our members to not only show their work and engage in the community, but also to think like a curator. They’ll make decisions on what to show as well as where and how the pieces in the gallery relate to one another. The work will be free for anyone to look at or take home with them to enjoy. 


Boys & Girls Club of Door County Welcomes New Leadership

Boys & Girls Club of Door County Board of Directors announced today that it has hired John McMahon as its new Chief Executive Officer. McMahon and his family were honored in 2016 by Door County Economic Development Corporation as Entrepreneur of the Year for founding and growing Door County Brewing Company.

“We are fortunate to have found someone with John’s business experience and local Door County roots to lead our organization into a new decade,” said Boys & Girls Club of Door County Board President Steve Kane. “We are confident John’s skills in marketing and technology and his experience as an innovative entrepreneur make him the right person at the right time to lead our community’s Boys & Girls Club.”

Prior to establishing Door County Brewing Company in 2012, McMahon worked in the technology sector as a sales professional for various well-known companies including Hewlett-Packard, Salesforce, Polycom, and Cisco Systems.

While moving from the brewery to the Boys & Girls Club might seem like an unusual path, it feels like the natural next step according to McMahon.

“As a local business owner, I’ve always felt strongly about supporting the Door County community and being a good corporate citizen,” said McMahon. Door County Brewing Company supported many athletic and music events in addition to local non-profit and arts-related organizations throughout the years.

McMahon has served on various non-profit boards throughout the years including local organizations such as Door County Land Trust, Baileys Harbor Business Association, and Alumni Door County. He also served as the Door County Fundraising Chairperson for the MACC Fund. In 1994, McMahon’s work in conjunction with WisNet resulted in donations of computer networking equipment to all five Door County school districts and libraries.

“I love this community so much and am very grateful for all it has given to me and my family throughout the years,” said McMahon. “I cannot think of a better way to repay that debt of gratitude than by helping develop the next generation of civic and business leaders at the Boys & Girls Club.”

About Boys & Girls Club of Door County

It is the mission of Boys & Girls Club of Door County to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Club programs promote academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.


COVID-19 Club Response

“It’s amazing how the Club goes out of the way to put a smile on our kids’ faces. We got to be in our own parade! The food has been so helpful during this time. Simply put… activities that are safe & fun are important right now! And my son was thrilled to see his BGC teachers safely, he misses them! Thank you Boys & Girls Club for all that you do!” ~Club Parent

Emergency Food Relief

  • Formed DC Meals Cooperative with fellow community partners
  • Prepared over 750 meals per day
  • Served 8,716 snacks to members and children in need in our community
  • Served over 25, 130 meals to our members and community
  • Distributed 1,800 Weekend Meal Kits 
  • Hosted a Saturday Family Meal pick up

Academic Support At Home

  • Offered members Virtual Homework Help twice per week
  • Created YouTube channel enrichment videos for members
    • STEAM Activities
    • Science Projects
    • Art Projects
    • DIY Planting Tips
    • Sports Updates
    • And More!
  • Handed our 30 Club-To-Go activity kits that focus on our core values

Continued Club Connections

  • Made 171 phone calls to members
  • Held 3 “friendly faces” reverse parades for members & volunteers
  • Wished 36 members a Happy Birthday over the phone
  • Distributed 20 basic needs kits to community members