The New Boys & Girls Club of Door County And Crossroads at Big Creek Announce Partnership for Youth Outdoor Summer Programming

The New Boys & Girls Club of Door County (BGCDC) and Crossroads at Big Creek announce the formation of a partnership aimed at providing outdoor experiences for 11- to13-year-olds attending BGCDC’s Camp LeVoy Summer Camp. “This partnership is an opportunity to provide regular programming in a COVID-safe environment while also fulfilling both organizations’ commitment to serving our community and offering impactful, youth- oriented, environmental educational experiences,” said Matt Peter, Director of OutDoor Operations for BGCDC.
Participants in the Camp LeVoy Outdoor Group will engage in various nature and science- based activities, including stream monitoring, long-term science projects, and wildlife monitoring, while still receiving dynamic and well-rounded experiences in other program areas such as arts & culture, food & agriculture, and STEM activities. Additionally, the OutDoor Group will be assisting Crossroads in restoration and land management efforts.
“We are looking forward to having Camp LeVoy here,” said Laurel Hauser, Crossroads at Big Creek executive director. “Our mission is to offer outdoor experiences to learners of all ages and backgrounds and we have 200 acres for kids to explore. The campers will do some fun projects like snake board monitoring and outdoor cooking at our Council Ring. And they’ll learn to identify all kinds of wildlife. We’re thrilled that this group of kids will get to know Crossroads really well by spending a lot of time here. We hope they’ll bring their families back, too.”
“Honestly, it dawned on everyone that this collaboration was a no brainer,” said Peter. “When you get groups of dedicated people together, such as the Crossroads and BGCDC staff, amazing things can happen for our local community and youth. And that’s what it’s all about!”
The Boys & Girls Club’s Camp LeVoy is an 11-week summer camp that runs from June 14- August 27, 2021. Camp participants will experience weekly programing, both on and off-site, ranging from growing food to making pottery to visiting local businesses. Registration is open but spots are limited! For more information about Camp LeVoy, or to register, contact Nicolo Baldarotta, Membership & Family Coordinator for BGCDC, at


New Boys & Girls Club of Door County – Community Meal Giveaways!

Beyond feeding our Club kids, we are extending our Community Table Project to ANY community members in need of a hot meal. No need to be a member, this opportunity is open to anyone!
Starting Monday 4/19 the Club will be handing out prepared and packaged meals at 5:00PM.
When: EVERY Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (through May 19)

Time: 5:00PM-6:00PM or while meals last

Location: Boys & Girls Club of Door County, The corner of 55 S 3rd Ave and Nebraska St

How does this work?
This is a DRIVE THRU style event.
1- Please remain in your car with a mask on

2- Be prepared to tell the volunteers how many meals you need

3- Take home your meal and enjoy
This event is first come, first serve. If meals run out before 6:00PM we will post a sign for anyone who might arrive once we are out.


Welcome to 2021 and welcome to The New Boys & Girls Club!

What’s new you ask? Well, just about everything. New programming, new locations supporting all of Door County, new staff members, new partnerships, new Summer Camp (Camp LeVoy), and a new opportunity to be an even better club for our community kids than ever before. 
We got here by taking the opportunity during the pandemic to imagine what the best childhood would look like in Door County and what were the elements, experiences and resources every child should have access to in order to get the most out of growing up in this community and whether we were in line with the results. Turned out that we were in some areas and not in others. And in the end we came up with four areas that we wanted to inspire our kids to do: Learn, Create, Explore and Share. With those four inspirations we then built our new organization model, delivery models and programming around each by creating what we call our “4 Pillars”. To inspire our kids to learn, we created the Academic Success program. To inspire kids and to expose them to the opportunities to be creative, we established our Arts & Culture Academy. And in order to ensure that our community kids explore our rich natural resources, we created The OutDoor Club. And our 4th and most important program is our Community Table Project, which is focused on teaching kids how important it is to share and give back to a community that gives to them.
In this newsletter, and all that will follow, you’ll be meeting our staff, our members, our partners and supporters as they share their inspirations, passions and personal missions to make our community a better place for kids and their families regardless of their race, religion, or their socioeconomic status. We are all Door County.
So let me just say this, “welcome to the New Boys & Girls Club of Door County!”

John McMahonCEOThe New Boys & Girls Club of Door County


Volunteer Corner

Chelsea Dahms – Community Impact: Have you heard? The Club is excited to welcome back volunteers and community partners into the building! With this announcement comes a new software that allows you to view our volunteer needs and then simply schedule your shifts conveniently online. Follow this link to set up your personalized volunteer portal and check out what volunteer opportunities are available.
If you have any questions, Chelsea is happy to help guide you through the process. Please email or call (920) 333- 8823 with any questions.
As always, safety is priority at the Club, all volunteers will be required to update their background check prior to volunteering. During each shift we ask that volunteers wear a mask and maintain social distancing recommendations.We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Wilderness Awaits!

Matt Peter – Director of the OutDoor Club: The New Boys & Girls Club of Door County truly believes that nature provides the best classroom to teach, learn, and grow. There is no better place to explore nature than in our own beautiful natural areas. Access to and the exploration of the outdoors has incredibly powerful effects on critical thinking, problem solving, and mental and physical health. Understanding and employing these ideologies resulted in the creation of the OutDoor Club, a brand new set of programming aimed at providing year-round outdoor opportunities for all Door County youth. 
So far, we have engaged new youth from all over the county in hiking andexploring natural areas in Door County. As the weather begins to change, we plan on expanding OutDoor Club programming to include road biking, mountain biking, spring wildflower hikes, and paddling activities. Perhaps the most exciting opportunities will be available during our 11-week Camp LeVoy Summer Camp. Every week, Camp LeVoy participants will have the opportunity to participate in OutDoor activities ranging from water sports to botany to visiting ourconservation partners. 
As part of Camp LeVoy, we are piloting an OutDoor group that will be stationed out of Crossroads at Big Creek. This partnership will give our older Boys & Girls Club members the opportunity to spend ample time outside learning about our local ecosystems, assisting Crossroads in their restoration efforts, and enjoying the great outdoors! 


What’s cooking at the Community Table?!

Damion Howard – Director of Community Table: The oven is hot, food is growing, and bellies are full at the Boys & Girls Club! The Club has been enjoying lots of fun and interactive activities with the Community Table. To kick off Spring, our Members and community partner volunteers from Target (thank you Target!) had a blast planting seeds for our raised bed vegetable gardens. We can’t wait to include homegrown fresh food in our Member meals! During Spring Break, we gave Club Members an opportunity to cook and eat campfire food at Crossroads at Big Creek. After a fun morning of building survival shelters in the woods, the kids joined in on cooking and eating hot dogs and pizza pudgy pies. Lastly, in an effort to better support our community, we started a Culinary Youth Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with the Door County Economic Development Corporation. Through the program, Youth Apprentices will learn a variety of culinary skills while preparing food for our Members. We are currently accepting applications and are excited to get high schoolers in the kitchen!


Social Emotional Learning Update

Sydney Tlachac – Director of Social Emotional Learning: During the past few months, our children have been participating in our bullying prevention program, Be A Star. This program takes a social and emotional learning approach to bullying by focusing on building the emotional intelligence of youth. By learning how to identify, understand, and effectively express their emotions, children learn alternative and safe ways to work through their feelings of aggression. Learning about emotional intelligence will help prevent our children from hitting, name-calling, or hurting others around them as a way to cope with their emotions. It will also help those being bullied or who are witnessing bullying develop skills needed to communicate their needs and assert themselves when necessary, manage their feelings, and find support. By participating in this program, children are encouraged to be their best selves by expressing and regulating their emotions in an effective way. Our children have been able to take part in building a culture of respect and kindness within our club. 


Academic Success!

Natalie Dorrler – Director of Academic Success: Over the past year, it’s no secret that we’ve all had to reinvent the way we work and live in a “new” world. Businesses, nonprofits, schools, and families all needed to quickly pivot and reinvent their daily lives. It has been inspirational to see how adaptable and resilient our communities truly are. 
We acknowledge that in order to best serve our community, it is instrumental that we realign the way we provide support to meet the needs of those who need us most. 
Along with the spring thaw, a glimpse of “normal” seems to be coming in the near future. This year, the *New* Boys and Girls Club of Door County is focused on:

• strengthening community partnerships to leverage the impacts for students as a result of participation in the Club’s programs. 

• implementing reinvigorated and engaging programs that supplement classroom curriculum. 

•exploring new and innovative ways to evaluate and communicate academic success. 
As a supporter, a volunteer, partner, or member family you will be directly furthering the success of academics for youth within our community, and helping to create a long-term ripple effect of engaged and committed citizens throughout the Peninsula.
The staff and board are confident that the new energy and inspiration at the Club will result in undeniable positive changes and we look forward to sharing those stories with you along the journey.


What’s new in Art & Culture

Katie Roth – Director of Art & Culture: Gratitude offers an abundance of positivity. For our Club members showing gratitude provided an outlet to practice teamwork, problem solving and fearless creativity. After a wonderful week of Spring Break programming our members made thank you cards for some of the folks who gave their time for activities, such as screen printing, learning outdoors, planting seeds for the future and exploring large scale paintings at The Miller Art Museum. The process of making cards may sound simple or uncomplicated, however, the activity allowed the kids to show pride, care and appreciation for their community.Reflecting on Spring Break makes me ecstatic about what is to come in the development of Arts & Culture. We will soon be venturing into a short film project on Saturdays. With the help from some of the very best in our community that specialize in improv and video we will create a short film. Club members will learn how to write a script, set up a shot list, create a production timeline, act and direct in their own collaborative creation. 
Lastly, we are in the beginning phase to implement a Free Little Art Gallery. The concept is similar to a Free Little Library, but artwork will be the focus. With an open invitation to our generous art community, participants will drop off their work to be displayed. This will present an opportunity for our members to not only show their work and engage in the community, but also to think like a curator. They’ll make decisions on what to show as well as where and how the pieces in the gallery relate to one another. The work will be free for anyone to look at or take home with them to enjoy.