Members of the Month

December 2017 Members of the Month (announced January 4, 2018)

Kindergarten: No matter what life throws at MAKYLI, she responds with joyfulness. Makyli has an incredible amount of patience for her peers. She is honest and sincere. The word “integrity” is what we used to describe Makyli so everyone in Kindergarten was able to learn the virtues associated with “integrity.”






Sawyer Site – SAIA is among the most helpful of members, always quick to assist staff and other members when needed. She’s spunky and delightful, making everyone’s day a little better when she’s at the Club. 






Hatch CenterKAYDEN comes to the Club with a great attitude. He’s very attentive to staff instruction, setting a great example for his friends. Kayden enjoys playing games in the Rec Center as well as doing STEAM Lab activities. He’s quick to help out and has a fantastic smile.

Teen Center – Both Snack Shack and the Team Building Clubs have benefited from MERCEDES’ involvement. She is active and has an exceptional understanding how to make the first months of the Snack Shack successful, from great service to maintaining a high level of cleanliness to bringing new inventory items to the customers. In the Team Building Club, Mercedes used he creativity to work collaboratively with her peers. She both motivates and encourages her fellow members. We really appreciate her positive and open-minded attitude in the Teen Center!